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Well being is a lifestyle choice. It is a conscious practice of the mind, body, heart and spirit. If you are exploring this website, an intention has already been created within you to explore ways of maintaining a lifestyle of wellness and vibrancy. Welcome to this wonderful world of beauty, energy, radiance and possibility! Together letís set our intentions on living a conscious and healthy life, walking a truthful path, and celebrating every moment on this planet with loving-kindness and passion! Thank you for visiting Blackstone Healing Arts.

Dr. Pamela Blackstone


Dr. Pamela Blackstone has immersed herself in the world of healing arts since 1996 when she first discovered hatha yoga. Since then, Pamela has been inspired through many additional healing disciplines including Reiki, massage, Matrix Energetics, rebirthing breath work and body-mind-spirit guidance.

Dr. Pamela Blackstone   |    contact@blackstonehealingarts.com
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