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Dr. Pamela Blackstone, DMA, is a self professed Renaissance Woman. “Let what you love be what you do” is an affirmation which has inspired her to embrace and cultivate many creative and healing arts into living form. As a lifestyle enthusiast and intuitive healer, Pamela is impassioned by her work as a certified Yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, fitness trainer, and Body-Mind-Spirit Guide. As a seer of beauty, Pamela brings out the exquisite essence of every being through her work as a photographer in her business Blackstone Photography, www.blackstonephotography.com. And through the gift of sound, Pamela has been able to express the powerful universal language of music as a pianist, singer and professional conductor. Pamela offers up gratitude daily for the ability to use and share these many gifts she has been so generously given.

Dr. Pamela Blackstone   |    contact@blackstonehealingarts.com
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