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“In January of 2006 I was given the gift of Pamela Blackstone. Within the first week of yoga practice with Pamela I felt a spiritual and energetic shift. I also tried Reiki with Pamela and could hardly believe the healing powers that she possessed. Within a matter of weeks of practicing Yoga and Reiki I felt transformations physically, emotionally, and  spiritually, and these transformations are still ongoing with each and every session. I now have the desire to treat myself better and take better care of myself. I feel more confident, more relaxed, less stressed and more open spiritually. The time I spend working with Pamela is precious to me and I cherish it. Even when I am not in her physical presence I can feel her energy and power she gives to me. I can't thank the Universe enough for the gift of Dr. Pamela Blackstone. My spirit is eternally grateful for her and I know I will work with her for the rest of my life. Thank you Pamela for giving yourself to those of us who are in need of finding out who we are.”

Michelle Inoscencio, business manager

“Pamela is one the most gentle and inspired individuals I have ever met. Those qualities are sewn throughout all of her healing arts. I have had the pleasure of practicing yoga and physical fitness with Pamela three times per week for nearly 2 years and have never felt better! She trains the mind-body-spirit connection through not only her yoga teaching, but also through her Reiki, massage and fitness training. Everyone should know the benefit of Pamela Blackstone...she truly is a healer!”

Jennifer Gribbon, Homerun Entertainment

"My work in therapeutic yoga with Pamela Blackstone has opened up parts of me I didn't know were there. Her intense focus on my unique needs, as well as her ability to safely push me to the edge of challenge, has given me strength and confidence in my body. Pamela's knowledge of mind-body connections is truly a gift!"

Nina Asher, Ph.D. , clinical psychologist

"I find her touch to be magic. She is truly gifted in healing arts. She is my personal trainer and I plan to stay with her forever. My body has never felt more fit...Thank you Pamela Blackstone for your dedicated service!"

Rick Pearce, certified personal trainer and professional singer

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